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What is gameDev.4sl?

gameDev.4sl connects two types of people: game developers who abandoned a video game project and the ones who want to take over an abandoned video game project.


How does it work?

Some developers or game studios would spend months or even years on a project, only to find out the remaining 10% of the game development process needed would be unbearable. Lack of motivation or lack of finance are often the reason a game development project fails.

Some other developers or publishers just want to finish a game and publish it. They just need solid foundations to build on and a creative vision to be brought to life. They have the player base and marketing skills but lack the manpower or finance for a whole game development process from scratch.

We are here to connect these people. We can help you avoid useless months of development without returns on one side and we can help you cut the costs of developing a playable game to polish and publish on the other side.

Sell your unfinished games

Every game developer has dead projects on his hard drive. Every studio has games which will never see the light. This is a sad part of the video game industry.

The goal of our website is to connect you with people interested in taking these projects over, for a price determined by an auction.

Buy an unfinished games

Sometimes you don't need to start from scratch to get a profitable project. People from similar industries like the web industry understood this really well.

This is why people started using asset stores, but sometimes you can have heavier needs. We provide you a platform where we showcase high quality, nearly finished video game projects.

Get a solid legal framework

Whether you are looking to buy or sell an unfinished game, what is important is the deal you get with your partner.

Licence to finish and publish a project, licence for exploitation, business partnership or full IP rights assignation. You can get any pattern wanted with our bulletproof model agreements.

Coming soon! Join our 80 game studios wide network!

gameDev.4sl is under development and will soon come out!

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